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Cardinal Aluminum
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Cardinal Aluminum is a family owned business that began in 1946. After nearly 60 years in business, they employ over 500 people and have two manufacturing facilities in Louisville, KY totaling more than 240,000 square feet.

Cardinal offers their customers the "single source advantage". They extrude aluminum, finish, fabricate and decorate, enabling them to provide the highest quality, decorative component parts in the industry.

They have 3 extrusion presses, with the largest being an 1800-ton, 7-inch circle size, and specialize in the 6000 series soft alloys.

Finishing includes mechanical polishing and a variety of sanding and brushing techniques. In addition to standard linear brushing, Cardinal offers a spiral brush for tube and pipe, cross brushing which yields an "x" pattern, and a unique swirl pattern for flat surfaces. They also have the exclusive European "UltiMatte" mechanical finish, which provides a very uniform, satin matte surface that eliminates common flow lines and opposed mass streaking.

Cardinal has two anodizing lines and offers more than 20 standard colors which include brite dip and two-step processes. Their tanks can accommodate up to 24-foot lengths.

Cardinal also has two powder coating work cells. One is automated and designed for 24-foot material, and the other is a manual line, which can handle small quantities up to 13 feet in length. They have over 100 standard colors and formulations and can match your specific requirements.

Then there is the Image Graphics line. Cardinal has the ability to decorate extrusions with an exclusive ink transfer process that allows them to emulate wood, marble, granite, or nearly any pattern desired. Imagine the possibilities!

Their fabricating work centers include cut off saws, miter saws, various size punch presses, and many CNC milling machines including three 5-axis CNC machining centers that can accommodate up to 21-foot material! This allows for extremely accurate machining for long length requirements. They also provide standard deburring cells, and roll bending for forming.

All these capabilities from a single source. One call, one purchase order, and one company controlling the entire process, which shortens lead times and improves quality.