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‘Outdoor living areas’ – kitchens, pools, spas, decks are the new rage for homeowner’s looking to expand their living space. The 2012 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey show a preference by homeowners for an undemanding outdoor space for lots of entertaining.

With this in mind, Mother Nature tends to spoil even the nicest of days; sunlight, heat and rain can make these areas pretty much unusable. Traditional patio covers such as retractable awnings and solid panel roofs help ease the problem but each has drawbacks. Canvas awnings are useless during strong breezes or wind and require regular replacement from fading and rot. Solid roofs make home interiors dark and gloomy, particularly in winter months. The latest fad, pergolas offer no weather protection whatsoever; they are merely decorative.

This brings us to the American Louvered Roof (ALR) System. The ALR system is the next generation in outdoor patio covers. It is a louvered (think window blind) roof system that can be adjusted for varying degrees of shade, ventilation, and/or rain protection. The ALR adjustable roof can withstand the elements year-round with no maintenance, offers shade or sunlight on demand, is nearly waterproof when closed and can be remotely operated. Most importantly, the ALR system is versatile enough to accommodate any architectural style. An ALR system not only improves your decks, patios and outdoor areas, they also help inside too; they block the sun’s powerful rays protecting expensive window coverings, carpets and furniture from fading and damage. In addition, your home or business’s exterior walls will be protected from solar heat gain thereby reducing your summer cooling costs.

Benefits include :

  • 100% extruded aluminum and stainless steel with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Open for the warm sun& natural light, close for cool shade or rain
  • Lowers the temperature of the deck or patio by 15 – 20 degrees
  • Cuts 98% of UV rays
  • Stops sun fade on your hardwood floors, carpets & interior furnishings
  • Saves 15 – 30% on your cooling bill
  • 97% waterproof . . . protects your deck or patio, outdoor furniture & pets
  • Engineered for extreme winds and heavy snowloads
  • Standard remote controlled motorized operation
The System is manufactured in Louisville KY by Cardinal Aluminum, in business since 1946. and is made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel with an electrostatic powder-coated finish – the system will not rust and comes with a limited life-time guarantee

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