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Louvered Roof System
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American Louvered Roof Systems WeatherMaster Patio & Deck Covers

  • Are manufactured in the “good ole’ USA”
  • Utilizes 100% Extruded Aluminum
  • Extruded Aluminum is much stronger than Roll Formed Aluminum.
  • Completely designed with Extruded Aluminum parts.
  • Are manufactured and designed to withstand high winds, rain, hail, snow, sleet & the hot scorching sun.
We are the only Louvered Roof System completely designed with Extruded Aluminum
  • Our Louvers, Rafters, Louvered Brackets and complete mounting systems are all 100% Extruded Aluminum.
  • Extruded Aluminum Louvers are approximately 500% stronger
  • Can handle hail and mother nature without damage
  • Our entire roof is Electrostatically Powdercoated
Because our Roofing Systems are 100 % Powdercoated Aluminum, there literally is no maintenance to be performed but a simple cleaning with soap and water occasionally.

Take a look at owning a new Louvered Patio Cover and see how it can benefit you. Beautify your home with a Patio Roof or Deck Cover that can be opened to allow 98% of the full sun, or adjust it to your desired level of shade, or close it to enjoy your deck or patio on a rainy day.

WeatherMaster™ Patio Cover Benefits

  • Lowers patio and deck temperatures by 15-20 degrees
  • Controls the amount of sun, shade or light into your home
  • Cuts annoying glare through large glass windows or sliding doors
  • 15-30% savings on your homes utility cost
  • Helps protect interior furniture and carpet from sun fade
  • Protects your patio and deck furniture
  • Remote controlled motorized operation is standard
  • Protects windows and door jams
  • Easily install outdoor ceiling fans or lighting
  • Add value to your home and aesthetic appeal
  • Allows for cooling through ventilation of air flow
  • Protects you against all elements of Mother Nature
  • Creates a beautiful backyard oasis of shade
  • It is also 98% waterproof!
The Louver

This is our Louver. It is what provides the shade for a patio cover. This is also the adjustable portion of the patio cover. This Louver is made from extruded aluminum and is extremely strong and durable.

The Rafter

This is a Rafter. A rafter is what holds a louver in place and is also what controls the movement of the louvers. Within the rafter is a separate hollow channel that can be used for running cables and wiring, as well as areas for future customization such as speakers or LED lighting.

Stocked Standard Colors (3)

200+ Available Custom Colors
*custom colors require additional cost

Arches National Park Video

Here is a driving video to show going to the visitor center where they just installed a 3500 sq. ft. louvered roof. Many of the rafters are 97’ and most of the louvers are 22’. It has 10 motors and as you can see some amazing angle cuts here is the angle cut video -

The posts and beams we previously installed for a canvas cover that lasted about 3 years. Several louvered roof companies were asked to bid on the project but our design was chosen. You can watch the video here -